How to get Premium Pack Direct referrals

We don't accept orders for the site Clixsense and Paidverts. so please do not buy direct referrals for Clixsense and Paidverts.
For using this pack, the site for which you buy referrals must be a traditional PTC site.
Premium referrals is not available for Neobux, Ojooo & Buxvertise.

Premium Direct Referrals Pack For PTC websites
Enter Your Referral URL

In Premium Package, we replace referrals with zero clicks.

If a referral registering under you just leaves away with out viewing advertisement, the referral will be replaced.

Please understand that we do not replace the referrals who views an advertisement and stops viewing advertisements at any point of time.

To say in short words "we replace only the referrals who has never viewed any advertisements after signup."

How to purchase

1=>Use the Premium package cart you find at the purchase page.

2=>Choose the amount of referrals you need.

3=>Enter your referral URL.

4=>Complete the payment.

5=>Your orders will be processed normally with in 24 hours.

6=>Sit and watch your direct referral list grow.

Steps you need to follow after purchase

1=>Send us the daily report about the referrals you receive. (copy paste or send snap shot)

2=>Your report will be compared with our data and if eligible you will be considered for receiving referrals the next day.

3=>If you fail to send your report on a particular day, you will not receive any referrals the next day. so send your report without fail.

4=>If you fail to send your report for 3 consecutive days, your pack will be closed and will be considered that you have received your purchased referrals.

(Important:The site for which you purchase referrals must be free to register, content must be in English, accept members from all countries, should not charge any money automatically after trial period, should not force the users to download or install software's, should be a link of the signup website and no redirects, rotatorsetc., ,should not have Adult content or any illegal activities. we do not accept such sites.)